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  • Member: Minhuit
  • Studio: M&M
  • Title: Ugly Girl
  • Premiered: 2005-10-12
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    • Aqua Ugly Girl
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  • Comments: A few of my friends watched it and were laughing, they thought it was hilarious. Im not a Yuna hater, just thought it would be fun to try a little something different for a change.

    I got the inspiration from my sister of all places! I was watching a video of Yuna and Tidus and she was watching over my shoulder. My sister commented on how pretty she looked in the mini skirt and the scanky shirt. Later on she walked into my room as I was listening to some music and this song started to play. I was already planning on using it in a video thats why it was on my playlist. But she listening to it she laughed saying how funny would it be to pair it up with "that pretty girl in the skirt" as my sister describes Yuna. Thats when the idea got lodged into the back of my mind. It grew and grew until eventually I just had to make it.

    I went through all my footage of her and drug it out. Picked the best scenes for the style I wanted. Once I had that done I went back though the pilings of film for lip sync scenes which I found very few things that I actually wanted to use.

    The next step was importing them all into windows movie maker cause yes I still live in the stone age and this is the best program I have available to me at this moment. I finally got in all loaded and in the correct folders and all that jazz. I started to piece together the video in my mind and even wrote down the lyrics so I could carry them around thinking about it.

    I finally got ready to place scenes. After each one I had to save for fear of it freezing and being lost! So that was problem number one. And lucky me...when it froze the fifth time and I was totally losing it, ready to throw this laptop off the roof, I took a break. Shut my computer down and walked away. Later I came back and started to work again. Eventually I got it done, made the credits and everything! I was sooo excited!

    Problem two: The program froze when it reached about thirty percent done...yea...I was mad. I restarted my computer for the hundreth time and decided it was time for code red! Oh yay...I went back and seperated the video into about six fifteen second long fun! Saved each seperatly then brought two at a time together to save them. Then I put them all back into correct order with the credits, added the music and saved. The estimated time was about five hours...I walked away then came back and it had shrunk down to three hours, which to me was a miracle but three hours for a minute and thirty second video!? But I was happy...

    The lip sync is my first time to intentionally lip sync, so go easy on me would ya? I tried my hardest though when going over the final copy I noticed that Tidus in part twenty nine through thirty five wasnt all that good. Also I used some in game footage which might be of less quality then the movie footage. But the song is actually of great quality!

    Watch, rate and if you have time please leave an opinion! My policy is very's polite to opinion so I opinion the people who opinion my videos. Wow...thats the most Ive used the word 'opinion' in a sentence! lol...I scare myself sometimes...anyway!


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    2006-02-02 06:24:25 This was cute.. and actually funny. I actually laughed! haha, the idea is really great, and you can really see the irony. Awesome work. I would´ve given you an opinion for this one, but I just dont seem to have the time. But at least I could give you this.. right? Really funny! Keep up the great work. 4.0 stars - Froilan

    2005-10-20 17:46:20 Funny as hell

    2005-10-18 00:03:23 Hilarious! I really loved the song!

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