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  • Member: dreamawake
  • Studio: PX-Studios
  • Title: Picked My Poison Well
  • Premiered: 2005-10-12
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Trapt Bleed Like Me
    • Trapt Enigma
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Welp, finally i have made an amv with a story! YAY FOR ME lol. this must be my best video yet, a story, good timing, good effects, hell i love it. I worked my ass off making this amv because..i wanted to prove to myself that i could make a good serious amv with timing and effects, but still with a main focus on the story. I think i accomplished what i wanted to ^_^. This amv is about spike and how he is searching for the one that "bleeds like him" (vicious) and in the same breathe it is also about him and Julia. I hope that most of you will get the point of the video and understand the plot. Im sure you will ^_^. The effects are good, i tryed not to use too much so the i wouldnt get off track to much from the story. I put alot of effort into the timing, but i was more focused on story.

    Another reason i made this amv, its kind of like a remake of my "living a lie" amv (i will upload it sometime) but better, aaaaaaand i also wanted to beat V37 (Hitler)'s" The Only One" AMV, hopefully i succeded on that aswell ^_^. I also wanna thank a few people.

    V37: For helping me out with learning effects, for encouraging me when i said i sucked
    ProdigyX - For Criting my AMV's and also encouraging me to get better
    Shelton: for being better then me, mocking me, therefore making me want to beat him in editing lmao
    Veggeto_WS: For being a beta tester of the amv
    UchihaSasuke/GohansApprentice/GenkaisApprentice: For the song ^_^
    And thats about it
    Programs Used:
    Sony Vegas 6.0

    Nothing else to say except...

    ...ENJOY!! lol

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