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  • Member: Perfect Chaos
  • Title: Holy
  • Premiered: 2005-10-07
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  • Songs:
    • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Soundtrack Opening
    • Richard Marx Ready To Fly
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  • Comments: I think this came out very well. It is definately an improvement from the FF7 AC amv that I used from the trailers, lol. That one sucked because of the amount of footage I had back then. But this one doesn't suck at all. It's got a nice song that helps explain the events of AC in the correct order.

    There were only a few issues I had with this video. I had a hard time trying to find good "in between" shots durring events to help follow the story, like when you see Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo with the kids, then the next scene goes to the Bahamut part. That felt like too big of a sequence jump. But since I did the Bahamut scene at the very start (because it was my first idea and the best part imo), I didn't want to move it to make room for a closer scene that would connect the two events better. I also wish I could've added more of Sephiroth, but it would'nt fit well with the flow of the music and the timeline length. But in the end, it all looks pretty good I think.

    I think I'll make another FF7AC amv at some point, with more action and less drama.

    Also, the two songs used in the video haven't been used on untill now ;)

    Let me know what you think.

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