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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: Anime Corp
  • Title: The Other Way
  • Premiered: 2002-07-06
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  • Song:
    • Donots Saccharine Smile
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  • Comments: Finally I MUST make an AMV to one of my favorite series. So I begun work one day after MTV Germany had send all episodes. This video started out as a fun-vid, that means no big Drama-Escaflowne-AMV. I found a song long before (Emil Bulls - Take on Me [Metal Cover]), but 2 days before I begun I'd chosen the song as it is now. That hadn't made a big difference, but the song is about a girl who has a saccharine smile and the singer trusts her in no way. The problem was that Van trusts Hitomi ever. So I planned to make the whole thing a bit ironic, that is the reason why I named it "The other Way" ...
    Since the first part of editing it was never good enough for me. I found no places where I could make it better, but it wasn't good (IMO). I continued the editing process, it became better and better, since I saw that this part is almost perfect. And then happened what must happen: Premiere crashed down, and I forgot to save. My nervs were dead. I wantet to cancel. But then I made it again and put the clips nearly the same way again in the vid and saved. Then I finished the editing later and what I saw then was an AMV with great timing which raises the editing quality more and more till the end (I'd say, thats good....)
    I'm happy with it now, and I'm glad when You submit opinions.
    The file is as 10000 kbps DivX5 2-Pass (320 x 240, 35 MB) aviable in KaZaA, just type the video title and probably my nick. I'm mostly online in the evening, for you US-People that's morning or lunch-time :D

    Programs used:
    Virtual Dub
    Paint Shop Pro 5.02
    Adobe Premiere 6.0

    The indirect Link leads to my Homepage. Just click there on "High-Quality (direkt)" and you'll get the file.
    Thanks to Anime Corp! You guys rock

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