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  • Member: EvaFan
  • Title: Naruto & Sasuke Friends Forever
  • Premiered: 2005-10-05
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    • Linkin Park In The End
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  • Comments: ***************************** PLEASE READ ******************************

    Well I started this Video with the intention of doing a Sasuke and Naruto Enemies type of AMV. But I'm just not that kind of person I suppose. I like bringing tears to peoples eyes or making them feel intense emotion from my AMV's. I spent about 9 hours cutting and synchronizing everything.

    Anime: Naruto
    Music: "In the End" (Oh gawd, another AMV with linkin park. Hey everyone else has done it at least once so I can to. Besides I think you will like it anyways.)
    Size: 47,984,640 bytes
    Length: Its almost 4 minutes long.

    -------------------- IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE WATCHING---------------------------
    I'd like to add that, well simply put, this AMV will give you a feeling of what it would of been like if Sasuke had actually died during the early episodes. Basically this AMV only has about the first 25 or so episodes in it. It spoils those episodes as well so you have been warned.
    -------------------- IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE WATCHING---------------------------

    (You get more feeling from this video if your watching it alone.)

    2006-07-03 21:36:10AGH THE ANGST!! O___O Angsty......>_> Well, first off I realllllly liked it. It was awesome. The song went really well with the idea behind the video. There were subs, but you know what I don't get? Why I tell you there are subs in it. I mean, you know there are subs in it. That's like when someone left me a QC one time they ar all like "THERE WERE SUBS IN IT" and I was thinking "REALLLLLLLY????? I DIDN"T NOITCE!! *insert sarcasm here*" so....I mean you created it, you know there are subs. X_X Anyways, moving on. There was blood. EEEEEK I'm bad with blood, even if it is anime blood. naruto and all his self-inflicting pain.....O_O Oh well, great job on this one. XD I wanted to try and take it was a yaoi video, but I knew you'd hate me, since it was strictly supposed to be a 'friendship' video. O_o but....I can still dream, right? I mean, best anime kiss of the year went to Inuyasha and Kagome? It BELONGED to Naruto and Sasuke, or did the TV/Cartoon Network censors get to you too? O_____O

    Response: Roflmaocakes

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