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  • Member: JenCM18
  • Studio: Rose Crystal Studios
  • Title: AyashiNoCeres-BeforeI'mDead[Remake]
  • Premiered: 2005-10-04
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    • Kidney Thieves Before I'm Dead
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  • Comments: This is the 50th anime music video I have made and I have to say I have improved a lot in video-editing ever since I started ripping footage instead of capturing footage with my Win TV Go capture card. Which only captured footage at a resolution of 320*240. It really sucked. So I have been taking my time editing. This amv took me 3 months and Iím really happy to be finally finished with it. Also Iíve actually used the avs script to deinterlace it. I can tell it looks better than my last 3 vids. Well besides that Iíll describe my video now.

    Basically this video is about Ceres a.k.a. Aya. How Ceres is reincarnated to have revenge on the one she loves and the rest of the Mikagi. So I made it be about what she has to do before sheís dead. So Iím pretty sure youíll get it ^_^

    Sorry for the huge file size the encoding of the 2 dvd collections of Ayashi No Ceres suck so I didnít want to lower the bit rate of my music video and make the video quality look more horrible.

    Almost forgot to mention I shortened the song at the end so it didn't go on so long. Original song is 4 minutes and 36 seconds.

    Also this video is a remake of this one "Before I'm Dead" It was made with the same editing program I have now [Adobe Premiere 6.0]. I just wanted to remake it to make it have better quality, resolution, more syncing and more effects. [Well actually to add effects].

    Effects used: Mattes [Black, White, etc], Brightness/Contrast [Keyframes], Fades, Black

    Codec used: Xvid [DivX compatible]
    Video Resolution: 512*384

    I hope everyone enjoys my video and to please leave quick comments or opinions after seeing it. Feedback is very much appreciated and I always reply to all the opinions I get. =)

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