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  • Member: V37
  • Studio: PX-Studios
  • Title: The Only One
  • Premiered: 2005-10-02
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  • Song:
    • Hed P.E. The Only One
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  • Comments: The Only One

    I can’t say when exactly I started working on this AMV. The log file of the first HuffYUV file says something about June 2004, but I remember starting in February. Whatever is correct, the log or my memory, the fact remains: I worked on this AMV over 1 year. Don’t worry, this is no 2nd Whisper of the beast, I’m not that good (yet ^_^). The reason why I bother writing this text is that when I finished my biggest, and, I guess, my most precious project yesterday, the 2th of October 2005, I was, naturally, relieved of finally being done with it, but I was also very sad that it is over now.

    I endured a lot in this last year, relationships that broke, if you even wanna call that relationships lol, friends turning against me, arrogance all around me, hypercriticism…and my last 2 years of school (which is the last one now ^^). I don’t know if the video gets the feelings across that I added little by little, mostly unconscious to myself, mainly that might be cause the main part was done about 6 months ago.

    I learned a lot about myself lately and when I started to finish the video last week, with the knowledge of quite a time, I saw the video with different eyes, which was great! Gotta love that……

    When I got used to Premiere Pro a little while ago while I did a Naruto Trailer in real life with my school buddies (check for it) and tried importing the old 6.0 project file, that didn’t quite work out. After some struggling and a lot of sweat, I decided to end cutting in 6.0 and try to just do the effects in 7.0, Premiere Pro, or whatever you call it. What can I say? It worked out the way I wanted to. I guess I was just lucky at some parts. Thing is that I couldn’t have done those effects in 6.0, at least not in that time or with my temper :P

    Many asked me lately why I didn’t just cancel the project, just started something else… The answer is simple: I couldn’t. The Only One (up from now entitled with “TOO”) was the last video up until now that I actually had a vision with (vision like: listening to the song you wanna use and immediately see the whole video infront of your inner eye ^^) how to do, each scene was in my head. Another point is that my “I-like-Hed P.E.-time” is kinda gone. I still listen to their music from time to time, but not in the excessive way I once did. Yet the song was Hed P.E. – The Only One, and who edited an AMV will agree with me that most likely after you did the job, you don’t like the song anymore. Cause you listen like a thousand times or more to the song during the editing progress. It’s different in my case. I still love the song ^_^

    Back in the good old days, 2004 I guess, when I listened to it for the first time, the idea of making a Bebop AMV developed quite fast in my head. It was settled, I started working. I’m pretty sure that if I had finished the video within the first 2 months, so to speak in April 2004 or something like that, it would have scored greatly. I’m not sure how this video will be rated and appreciated now, in October 2005. People saw much during that time. I saw much as well. There have been such great AMVs lately that I even thought about just not publishing it at all, due to the lack of special effects. Sure, I might have been able to do something with After Effects if I wanted, but I didn’t. The effects that I used, mainly radial blurs, color corrections, are easy effects. But that’s the way I wanted this video to be. It’s a little complicated, but I decided to sell good rates in exchange for my soul ^_^

    Rate it just the way you want to, I don’t care. Okay……I do care. But if I had done more “up-to-date-work”, I would have just gone with the flow of time and against the flow of editing. And I’m not exactly somebody who goes with the flow anyways hahahaha. That’s why the video won’t score high in here I suppose, but at least I kept my pride ^_^

    The video has overlifed 2 sites, a nick-change AND 2 PCs and monitors of mine! Who of look up to that eh? ;) became, and Vegetto37 became V37. And 17” CRT became 17” TFT (btw, I LOVE my TFT….lol). That’s the reason why I left the intro with the old “Vegetto37” and made the ending with “V37” by the way. It’s no excuse for laziness, but a deep meaning that probably only I myself will understand, but screw that ^_^

    What else could I say??? Oh yeah – t3h footage! When I bought the Bebop DVDs, I didn’t have either much money, nor fast internet. I couldn’t download the HQ Rips, which look better than my DVDs :P, nor did I have the necessary money to buy the DVDs, so I bought a 3DVD pack, notice that there are 6 or even 7 Bebop DVDs at amazon. Therefore the bitrate of those bought DVDs is pretty LOW. I assume they are some Japanese-Whatever-Rips of the normal DVDs with English dubbing.

    I did my best to smooth the video with some VDub Filters, yet the rips look better  And yes, I have faster internet now :P Just didn’t get it in time.

    Audio has 256k, Video is absolute HQ, due to the Smooth Filter compressing went awesome, so that the filesize is with 3:33 AMV!

    Well, time to greet some people I guess! First of all my friend Joey, Iagainstwigger for the AMV people, who always asked me about TOO, who was contentiously getting on my nerves with asking questions about it and therefore got me to work on it again. As I said: I made BIG breaks during that 15 months. Sometimes I wouldn’t work for 3 months due a lack of……will…… I’m proud to say that I could teach Joey a few things, even though his grow in skill was achieved by him, and himself ONLY ;) AND that I could transfer a little of my editing spirit onto him.

    I tried to write not much about the video itself here ^_^ That’ll be your job when commenting it. I hope you enjoy watching it, over and over again! And never forget that you are special after you watched this video ;) And layer work is sooooooo time intensive  But it looks great ^_^

    Overall editing time 15months, actual editing time 80h or more.

    I used the following programs:

    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Adobe Premiere 7.0
    Adobe Photoshop CS2
    Adobe Audition
    Blaze Media Pro
    Virtual Dub / Mod

    I appreciate every rating and I shall comment on every of your comments! Thanks a lot for reading all this crap here ^_^ and excuse my English, I’m german and REALLY euphorically at the moment, which is a BAD mixture lol. I guess it won’t happen, but I would really like TOO to be the best Bebop AMV of all times – I wish you the best of luck, AMV, kick some asses ^_^


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