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  • Member: Damaramu
  • Title: Manic Destruction
  • Premiered: 2000-09-01
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    • Sheryl Crow There Goes the Neighbourhood
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  • Comments: This is actually a remake of the first video I ever did, way back in 2000. A friend of mine had the idea and, well, I had a capture card and some VHS tapes. This version is almost identical, but it's done off DVD and I changed the ending.

    I'd call this a bit of an old-style video. It's pretty free-form with its timing, and there are no effects to speak of. It just tries to put footage to lyrics. It was patterened after other videos I had seen at the time (mostly on an excellent Project A-Ko effort). I was just finishing it when I finally saw the infamous Otaku Vengeance Pokemon video, which was my first exposure to the hyper-timing that seems to predominate now.

    This is just a fun video, with lots of stuff blowing up. Lots. With a few gags tossed in here and there. I think it captures the Dirty Pair Flash atmosphere pretty well. Despite the simplicity and age, I still think of this as one of my best videos because of that way it captures the feel of the series so well.

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