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  • Member: ZennMora
  • Studio: Forty Dollar Productions
  • Title: Behind the Pirate: Captain Hampton
  • Premiered: 2002-08-16
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    • ...other... VH1 Behind the Music Theme
    • Aquabats! Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates!
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  • Comments: It's really a shame that One Piece isn't more well known. This is such a great series...and a really good one to make AMV's with. When I first thought of making a One Piece video, all I could think of was Captain Hampton for the song. So I decided to go with a "Behind the Music" theme and have the video narrated by Usopp. I think this is my best video so far, although it is far from perfect. If anything it'll give you a couple of laughs.

    Winner of Audience Favorite in Comedy at AFO3!! How completely unexpected, considering how few people have seen One Piece or heard the Aquabats! Hopefully this video will generate some interest in both. Anyways, thanks to everyone who voted for it!! If you have a chance, leave me an opinion here on what you thought of the video, or email me! And above all else, get out there and watch One Piece!

    Wow, I won Best Comedy at MegaCon '03 too. And originally I wasn't going to submit it...but I figured I'd give my Azumanga video some company in the contest. It was great hearing the audience reaction to it. So now I'm officially retiring this video from the AMV contest circuit, lol. Thanks for everyone's comments, emails, and support!!

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