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  • Member: dbz_gurlz89
  • Title: Why I have to Scream
  • Premiered: 2005-09-25
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    • Linkin Park Breaking the Habit
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  • Comments: I know I know, you are probably thinking why Linkin Park, but the fact of the matter is that this video is so far the best out of all the videos made by Breaking the Habit. I've worked very hard on this AMV using top notch photo and video editing.

    There really isnt a theme to all this, but the lyrics of the song pretty much match what's happening. Lots of action to be shown and in really good quality from DVD's also. Bad thing is it's a WMV so some of the quality is taken away but not really. This is pretty wicked.


    Sorry, not suitable for little ones, hehe ^_^.

    Well, not that much bloodlust, but I wouldnt suggest this video to anyone 12 and under.

    The combination of Wolf's Rain and Descendants of Darkness brings in the bloodlust while Trigun and Naruto bring in the action packed fun. Very cool effects.

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