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  • Member: yonestie
  • Title: broken friendship
  • Premiered: 2005-08-01
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  • Song:
    • Lost Prophets ride
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  • Comments: Here's my latest amv, finally on org!

    I did it originaly for the french online tournament' semifinal, so the song was imposed and... like my others clips I just had 2 weeks for doing it -__-
    Don't really know why, the song made me think about naruto, and only naruto (with the sasuke's story). The problem was "how to make another naruto amv more original than the 1000 others..."
    After some reflections, I just remembered naruto is not just an anime, but a manga too!
    I've tried to put some manga scene already (in the reflexions of style2) and found it roxxx !
    The problem was just... well, didn't have enouth time.

    however, this is for sure one of my bests amvs, so I decided to try the awa pro contest before... (well, ok, that was more for the dvds ^_^)

    After lots of problems it's on local, so I'm waiting for your comments !

    (ho! it participate actually the spain amv contest too)

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