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  • Member: teknoboy
  • Studio: Blackjack Studios
  • Title: LIES!!!!!!!!!!
  • Premiered: 2002-06-30
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    • SpineShank Asthmatic
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  • Comments: this is video #10, i know i just made video #9, but the idea was there and i went for it. This video is to Now and Then, Here and There (NTHT), which is definately a cool anime to watch. A lot of torture especially for the main character Shu, lots of depression and sadness, and a lot of lies make up this anime. A MUST SEE. If anything this video will make you want to see NTHT all the more.


    The song is by SpineShank, and this idea was given to me by my younger brother, it was his cd and i was like do you have any depressing/angry song, and he hands me this, i was like awesome, idea after idea went through this brain.

    Unlike most of my videos this one had the least amount of capturing time even though it was around 10.2 gigs of my hard-drive space. I spent more time on the actual video working with speeding and slowing clips, manipulating motion and size of clips, etc. i kicked this one out in about 2 weeks. Doesn't seem like a long time, but most of that week was spent editing, editing, editing.... i would say about 6 days worth if you combine all the hours together.

    Dazzle 80* - using divx low-motion codec for capturing
    Premiere 6.02 - Export with Huffyuv 2.11 codec (makes like a couple gig file)
    Nandub - using ErMac's guide and settings that are provided by Phade on this site under "GUIDES"
    (gives really nice size files in .avi format with quality output)
    TMPEG - for encoding into .mpg format (also nice file size - quality kinda suffers though)

    New idea in my head, that's all for now.

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