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  • Member: Infinity Squared
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Dedication
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • Ben Folds Five brick
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    WINNER: Drama AMV Animania 2005

    First of all before any other explanation or excuse, I must say this now so you have it in your mind what my intention was. This AMV is not about the anime. Beyond The Clouds was strictly the paint I used to make the picture, so to speak. Pay closer attention to the lyrics rather than trying to remember and associate this video with the anime itself. In fact, it's probably better that you see this video before you see the anime because at least then you don't have any preconceived ideas of what to you are going to see with this video. So to repeat, this AMV is about the song and not the anime.

    Moving right along, the concept for the song "Brick" has been playing around in my head for some time now. Originally this was going to be a Full Moon wo Sagashite video but (a) I couldn't find raws for all the episodes, (b) all sources I could find had an annoying clock watermark on the footage and (c) there's been no news around my end of the world of Full Moon wo Sagashite ever being released on DVD and bootlegs just ain't my cup of tea.

    Then comes along Beyond the Clouds with its stunningly beautiful pictures, and heart-warming story. Ever since knowing that this anime was going to happen, I had always envisioned myself doing an AMV to it, but never quite figured out which song to make. In effect, I still have not made a video for Beyond the Clouds because strictly speaking, I made a video for the song "Brick" :P

    I've always found this song to be gut-wrenchingly depressing (along with The Day You Went Away, the artists' name eluding me). And for a long time this year, I was in and out of this mood and I guess this video was my last outlet for my remaining depression. If you may notice, both Look to the Stars and Bratja were very much on the sullen side of video atmospheres but I think this will be the last in a while of videos that I make in this genre.

    It is kind of why I titled this video "Dedication." One reason being it encompasses the theme of the video, and reflects well what the song is all about. The other reason is that it is a dedication of some sort to someone dear to me that passed away earlier in the year, of whom they were the source of all the emotion in these last few videos I made.

    Of course more than anything else, I hope you enjoy this video, but I'd just like to leave you a message which I have learnt recently and will not soon forget, even though it is something so often said and obvious. Cherish your love ones and never take a moment for granted. It will hurt when that moment passes you by and never comes back.


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