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  • Member: MisterFurious
  • Title: Monkey Punch's "The Princess Bride"
  • Premiered: 2005-05-31
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    • 20th Century Fox "The Princess Bride" trailer
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  • Comments: Some credit should go to Anna Exter for this video, who started me down the road of making this trailer in 2000 with a basic concept that would not classify as an AMV. I still plan on finishing that concept someday, but I thought this was an appropriate start.

    The first big decision I made during production was to leave the live-action footage with Fred Savage and Peter Falk intact. First, I believed that the audience would more easily identify the trailer as that of "The Princess Bride" if they had a visual reference rather than just an audio one. Second, Akimbo won the "Best Trailer" award at AWA's Pro Contest in 2003 with a video that consisted almost entirely of footage from the original live-action trailer, so I figured I could get away with it, too. In the end, I think it also helps reinforce the "fairy tale" feel, that Grandpa is telling a story, and when we cut to it, it's animated.

    The second big decision was to make Jigen "play" Inigo, rather then Goemon. While Goemon's mastery of swordplay makes him a natural for Inigo, the simple fact is that he has too few lines of dialogue in the anime. Jigen is much more talkative and energetic, more akin to Inigo's personality, anyway. Besides, there was a great shot in the anime of Goemon looking over a castle wall and talking, which went perfectly with Fezzick looking over a castle wall and saying, "There's more than 30". That sealed it.

    I stopped working on this video for a long time, about a year, mostly because I was finding it difficult to find footage from the anime that allowed me to maintain the correlations between the character identities in the film and the anime. For example, in the entirety of the anime, I could only find a single shot of a single person running away from camera for the scene where Count Rugen runs away from Inigo, and it was of Zenigata, whom I had already lip-synched with the King's voice earlier in the trailer (not to mention I had to make serious tweaks to the shot to make it long enough to be useable). I had considered digging into footage from the other movies or the TV series, but Miyazaki's character designs for the film are so noticeably different from the other iterations of Lupin that it would have abeen a glaring insert, and in the spirit of keeping it consistent with the film, would have felt like a cop-out.

    When I revisited the video in early 2005 and tinkered with it some more, I decided to err more on the side of fun and sacrifice the linking of characters. For example, for the scene where Inigo and Count Rugen face off, it is the guard that speaks with Inigo's voice rather than Jigen. This allowed me to finish the trailer, which I think is still lots of fun.

    The film was completed, off-and-on, on my Power Mac G5 dual 2 Ghz running Final Cut Pro 4.

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