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  • Member: MisterFurious
  • Title: Signal to Noise
  • Premiered: 2005-09-24
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    • Peter Gabriel Signal to Noise
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  • Comments: The first stirrings of this video came when I first heard Peter Gabriel's "Up" album two years ago. The most striking track was "Signal to Noise". I heard many elements which made it a kind of spiritual successor to "Rhythm of the Heat", particularly the heavy influence of percussion and its powerful crescendo.

    However, the first anime that came to mind for a video based on "Signal to Noise" was "Jin-Roh", which is anything but related to "Princess Mononoke" (although both films feature wolves in one way or another), mostly because of the visual images the song evokes. The instrumental bridges with vocalizations had a power and chaos that I immediately likened to the huge machine guns which the special armored brigade carries in the film. The violence then builds along with the pitch and speed of the vocals.

    That was the germ of the creative idea. From that came the breaking down of the song into its thematic pieces and finding a way to emulate those themes with the footage, while keeping the driving rhythm evident through the edits or visual hits. That became the skeleton, and to follow that metaphor, the flesh fell into place over the course of two intense, agonizing days on my Power Mac G5 dual 2 Ghz running Final Cut Pro 5.

    The only disappointment I have with the video is that the original DVD from which I lifted the source material was not optimally compressed to begin with. To make matters worse, it was the official US DVD release of the film. As a result, the video has a grainy cast, which depending on the viewer's perspective, either helps it or hinders it. I accept it as just another part of the organic process of creating the video.

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