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  • Member: Destiny_Defiant
  • Title: Enter the Shinsengumi
  • Premiered: 2005-09-26
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    • Story of the Year Dive Right In
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  • Comments: This AMV is basically about Tetsu 'entering the Shinsengumi' and dealing with the whole 'way of the samurai' / kill people thing. Poor little Tetsu doesn't want to hurt anybody >0<

    I used Vegas for this but I think I'm reaching its limit so maybe next time I'll try Premiere (how do you work that program??!)

    I chose Story of the Year as the song coz their music feels so right for Peacemaker, especially at the end i reckon.

    And... Peacemaker is a great anime that deserves more good AMVs out there!! (^O^)/

    Also, would anybody like me to join their studio? I have more AMV ideas and a studio name would be nice!

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