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  • Member: KentaroPJJ
  • Title: Aux Faux Le Bebop
  • Premiered: 2002-09-02
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    • Karl Zero Io Mammate E Tu
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  • Comments: ^_^ I am really proud of this amv...for some odd reason. Anyways...If you guys know me, I made an amv titled "Ganymede (Not Mars)" to the song "Instanbul (Not Constantinople)" by They Might Be Giants. That amv was ALL lip in...everytime a word was spoke...someone was lip syncing (in it's case, it was Jet) ... Anyways...if you liked that one, you will LOVE this one. I prolly won't make much more of these...unless people really want them. Lots of people, I have noticed, do not like the idea of an all lip-sync video. Of course, I try to make my all lip sync videos fun. (Apparently some people don't have a sense of humor, either.)

    Anyways...I usually would keep the song secret, so it would be a suprise...but what the heck? This amv is mainly Jet and Spike. They lip sync to an italian song (Which, btw, I have no idea what they are saying). I am not saying this myself, but most people find this amv either ridiculously hilarious or the other way around. o.O Anyways...

    I must say that it is definately not boring...except some people who have no sense of humor or were drunk at the time didn't like it. Everyone else enjoyed it lots. I hope you will too! ^_^ ... Anyways...

    This was made with Windows Media Player (unfortunately.) It was supposed to be my last project...but I recently had a sudden urge for another music video which the preview can be found on the indirect angelfire link down there. I'm not that good at lip syncing on premiere i wanted to do a lip syncing one real bad...and so its gonna be on WMM. ^_^' Sorry. But anyways...

    Now first of all, I must thank SpPanda for hosting this video. Yes, Thank you Panda. What a swell guy he is. ^_^
    And then, MikageNoMiko, cause she is the one who came up with the name "Aux Faux Le Bebop". Unfortunately...I don't exactly remember what it means. I believe it is something like "The Weirdo's Of The Bebop" or something. Anyways...

    I have 3 places to DL it...
    There's the link directly to the amv on Panda's site.
    There's the link indirectly to the page with my amv on it on Panda's site.
    And there on angelfire...which if this is used to much Angelfire will suspend the site for 3-4 hours. ^_^'

    Well, anyhoo...Enjoy!

    Please comment! ^_^

    (Did you notice that most of my paragraphs ended in "Anyways..." ?)

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