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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Takayuki and Mitsuki's Story
  • Premiered: 2005-09-24
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    • Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem Almost Here
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  • Comments: Well,it has been a long time without any uploads due to summer.
    But,I'm back with two more music videos and a lot of ideas.
    This is my first music video after summer,with Kimi Ga Nomozu Eien as footage and Almost Here as song by Delta Goodrem and Brian Mcfadden.It's a song that fits perfectly with the sadness of this anime and when I heard it I knew I'm gonna make an mv with it.

    In this music video I focused on Takayuki and Mitsuki and their love story.
    It's my second favorite anime couple after Chidori and Sousuke.
    As you can understand,it's basically a drama music video which describes their life together and the obstacles they have faced.
    I' didn't put any scenes of Haruka except from two very quick pics.I just wanted to focus on those two without showing the other characters(well,Shinji made also two very quick appearances in this mv).Their life,their relationship and how they end up after so many hardships.

    Concerning effects,it's technically my best video.The synch is perfect and the scenes used as well.Although it's a bit small in size,the quality of it is very good.I tried to make it a bit different than the rest of my amvs and I believe that my goal was achieved.It's a very good drama romance video and I hope that you'll like it also...
    It's also very sad,so be ready for tears.At least,I cried a bit but I also felt relief when I ended the anime since everything went good.

    The music video has a lot of spoilers,so those who haven't watched Kimi Ga,you'd better go watch the anime first.It's the best drama romance anime ever made!!!

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