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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Title: Fucking Rat
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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  • Song:
    • Axel F. crazy frog
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  • Comments: SH104 was done up as a fast project, and to a certain extent as a "Kaufland special": all 5 DVDs and the CD-single with the song were bought at Kaufland, a German grocery-cum-department-store chain that has a large branch in my neighborhood, for a total cost of 29,99e. This makes it one of the very few AMVs which had their source material purchased from a stand between mops and a display of sugared cereals.

    This video was also done to be released on the five-year anniversary of me getting into this hobby, and specifically as a tribute to the video that did it, DarkXPower's Pokemon - Bitches. I use a lot of the same scenes that Eric did way back when, some for tribute value and some because, surprisingly, there aren't that many good Pikachu lipsynch or directional action cuts in Pokemon, especially when you're restricted to a working set of 15 largely random episodes acquired at the grocery store. Despite this, this video is independent of its exemplar and as self-sufficient as any AMV can ever really be, though the influence is inescapable.

    There is a lot of lipsynch in this video, but the effects design is a little different from how most modern dance videos set it up. I still do effects only grudgingly, and to the extent that this one works its deal without effects, it works better. I'm still not "over" Magix's built-in easy rotoscoping capabilities, though....oh well.

    The music under the credits is from the rough mix of "Starless Aeon", one of two songs Dissection released previews of back in July before playing them live at Wacken. Anyone who sits through even 2:20 (I edited out 34 seconds of filler riffage from the original) of the Crazy Frog, plus 2:20 of Pokemon, deserves to hear some Dissection as payoff.

    This was not a fun source to work with, and will probably be the last PAL material that I try to build a video out of -- or at least the last one I do sight unseen. If I can get progressive source, fine. But interlaced PAL, especially from something originally done for NTSC domains, is now a permanent no-go. The first disc (Pokemon disc 5) was a real nightmare to clean up, the other four (discs 6-8 and 11) not quite as bad, but still dirty, faded, and with some just awful artifacts, especially on scene changes. This part of Pokemon was still done on cels rather than digitally, and the transfer was not always the best or cleanest.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: A-. The real test of how good this is is how many "I WILL HITCHHIKE TO DRESDEN AND KILL YOU WITH A BRICK" quick-comments I get from European IPs.
    stats: # clips: 209. avg length: 0.67 seconds. total time: 19 hours.

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