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  • Member: Maru-sha
  • Title: Crazy Women - Haruko + Excel Tribute
  • Premiered: 2005-09-21
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    • The Saint Saint Goes Marching (Remix)
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  • Comments: A fast paced AMV I made. I love DDR Extreme, so after hearing this song about 53 times, I came up with the idea. Fast paced songs are sort of easier to make AMVs with in my opinion. No subtitles ! No words that you can understand ! No lip-sync ! Only some thought out Action-sync.

    In this AMV you will notice some of the most random clips and scenes from FLCL and Excel Saga. I LOVE FLCL and I'm trying to get a good hold on the Excel Saga series, yet it looks funny enough for me to like.

    This has been the first Inu-House Production. (For referance on this, please check my Profile page)

    Okay, enough of my silly ranting. (I blame Foamy...) Watch this, like it ! If you don't like it......TOO BAD !!! ^^

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