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  • Member: Caryn18
  • Studio: ~Lovely Innocences Productions~
  • Title: Pearls Of Memories
  • Premiered: 2005-09-17
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    • Evenescence Hello
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  • Comments: You Can Not DOwnload this Video Anymore from the Org. But you can still download it or watch it On YOUTUBE!
    Pearls Of Memories On Youtube!!

    This is My Fav. Video ive made so far ^.^
    OK Ive been thinking about making this video for some time now, but personal school and the fact i deleted all my fullmoon eps from 1-23 off my computer, put a stop to this video.

    So Now when i finnaly have some time to GO on a video I have made this. I like this video alot. I put alot of my times in it and worked hard to make it better then my other fullmoon video, which i seem i cant get past on my video making charts. LOL my only best i guess XD.

    This video is MAinlly about Eichi and Mitsuki with the love they shared in the past, present and sadly future .v.v I also Put alittle clip about Fullmoon as the singer in here for this line " hello i'm the lie living for you so you can hide" because i was trying to say how mitsuki hides into herself in the anime, using Fullmoon.
    Overall I didnt want to add the "Magic Girl" of fullmoon because i didnt think The Fullmoon girl as herself has anything at all to do with MItsuki and eichi. gotta love mitsuki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pulling some of these clips made me cry all over again for fullmoon .v.v

    Hello Lyrics

    playground school bell rings again
    rain clouds come to play again
    has no one told you she's not breathing?
    hello i'm your mind giving you someone to talk to

    if i smile and don't believe
    soon i know i'll wake from this dream
    don't try to fix me i'm not broken
    hello i'm the lie living for you so you can hide
    don't cry

    suddenly i know i'm not sleeping
    hello i'm still here
    all that's left of yesterday

    I LIke this video alot, and i hope everyone who desides they want to download it likes it too. Leave me some comments and thank you so much for the download ^^.

    PLease leave me an OP if you like ^^

    cant use songs now? whats that... omg im pissed download here

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