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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Title: Broly Forever
  • Premiered: 2005-09-18
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    • Tomohisa Kawasoe Stand Up to the Victory
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  • Comments: This video is a remake of an older video I did a long time ago some time back when I first began making music videos. Some where around 2001 I believe. The first video I made was made up of crappy fansubs since these movies werent even released yet and the original video only featured movies 8 and 10. I wanted to have it go through all three Broly movies but I think I focused too much on movie 8 and the movie 10 footage felt a bit rushed. So in the remake I decided not to focus too much on movie 8 since its basicaly the Z fighters getting the crap get kicked out of each other and decided to focus in more on Broly then the Z fighters. The remake goes through all three of the Broly movies. The song quality is not the greatest. I have no clue why. I had a terrible time trying to get the sound come out as good as possible. I had a terrible time trying to finish this video as is. I originaly started this video during the summer after movie 10 came out and I burned it to dvd as well as cd. For some reason when I tried to capture my video and put it back on the computer not all of the video came out for some reason. So I decided to convert my mpeg 2 file so it would be compatible with my video software. The video quality came out excellent but I had some issues with sound though after I converted it to a high quality avi file. Dont expect too much out of this video, though it is fun to watch and the music really fits Broly's rampage to his tragic end.

    Video coming soon.

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