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  • Member: KojiroShinkara
  • Title: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, DO THE HUSTLE!
  • Premiered: 2005-09-15
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    • Unknown Do the hustle
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  • Comments: This is the most ridiculous and funny AMV I have ever made. Fan-girls/boys, when you wish to hunt me down, you must first kill Paul Kime in order to kill me, for he is my bodyguard. Be warned, he can wield any sword or gun and will win, esp. if he uses Cloud's Buster Sword, which he does own.
    On the AMV, it is just hilarious, simply because it is all of the serious fight scenes which I was willing to put in, done to "Do The Hustle." Hell, by accident, I lip-synced Barrett's voice to say in a sexy woman voice "Do It."
    Be warned, it does have many spoilers.

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