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  • Member: KojiroShinkara
  • Title: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Blow Me Away
  • Premiered: 2005-09-15
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    • Breaking Benjamin Blow Me Away
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  • Comments: Yeah, I got a DVD of Advent Children, and a traslation of the Japanese, then made a subtitle overlay for ME and ME alone. This AMV is technically a spoiler for any, and I mean anyone who has not seen the movie, simply because it shows scenes of Kadaj, and Bahamut, along with just about every main FF VII character from the game, from Zack to Cloud to Aerith (The "correct" way as said by Square-Enix). However, I still suggest you download it, regardless of this fact and enjoy it. Finally, the quality on it is a little low, but that is due to saving it as "Best for my Computer", then deleting the MM file, so sorry. It is the best I could do and I apologize.

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