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  • Member: Ryuujin665
  • Studio: Amatsujin Productions
  • Title: These Freaks Need A Leash
  • Premiered: 2005-09-14
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    • Korn Freak on a Leash
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  • Comments: Hello all, its been awhile since a production from Amatsujin has been released. Well, as soon as I myself got my hands on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children the creativity flowed, like the breaking of a damn it just flowed out. I had to do something better then my first Freak On A Leash with Yu Yu Hakusho and I think I had very so accomplished that feat.

    If you have not seen Advent Children the full feature length movie, I highly advice not watching this for the point of spoilers and I dont want to ruin the movie for anyone.


    Now, I think this is one the best quality vidoes to be put out, I know the size is still considerably large, but we are trying. If anyone has tips, please email us, be very much appreciated so we can make things easier on everyone. ^_^


    Amatsujin Productions uses traditional styling of directing, meaning there will be no fancy graphics added into the clips. What you see is what you get, only minor stuff will ever be used i.e. fade in and outs, speed ups slow downs etc. We hope that you can still enjoy our style of creating, and that you will see the bigger picture of it.

    Now, please enjoy our recent feature from Director Bryan David Forst-Bradley.

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