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  • Member: staces
  • Studio: ^_^;; Productions
  • Title: A Final Prayer
  • Premiered: 2005-09-12
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki M
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  • Comments: Um, yeah. This AMV is actually pretty disappointing to me, but I hope that if you choose to download it that you like it (that's an uplifting and catchy description, isn't it?). Anyways, this AMV is a about a love triangle between Aya, Asami-sensei, and Ken, mostly focusing on how Aya feels torn between the two and the way that both relationships end. . . So yes, as you've brilliantly deducted from the description, this AMV has both het and YAOI themes to it. Also massive spoilers and some violence. If any of these things aren't your bag of tea I'd suggest you steer clear.

    This was my first time editing in Japanese (I'd only worked in English, Russian, and German before) and it was interesting, I guess. And here's the lyrics in English so that you can tell that the images are NOT random. . . Though they may seem to be, I hope that they don't. =/

    "Maria" There is someone I should love;
    every person who has ever been hurt...

    As I look around,
    everyone busily
    hurries on by.

    I noticed that this year, too,
    the signs of winter have
    come very soon.

    Again, somewhere in this city today
    two people will meet and fall in love;
    the curtains are violently opened.

    Even so, everything eventually,
    someday, has an end.

    Again, somewhere in this city today
    two people split apart;
    the curtains are quitely dropped.

    "Maria" There is someone I should love.
    At times I feel very lonely.
    But my needs are all filled
    by the person I should love.

    "Maria" There is someone I should love.
    At times I bear very deep wounds.
    But my they are all healed
    by the person I should love.

    "Maria" Everyone is crying.
    "Maria" But I want to believe.
    "Maria" So I'm praying now
    that this is my final love.
    Beginnings come at random,
    but endings always have a reason.

    Eh, enough of that.

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