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  • Member: Digital_Dojo
  • Studio: Digital_Dojo
  • Title: Onyou No Yume
  • Premiered: 2002-06-19
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    • Britney Spears Stronger
    • Survivor Eye of the Tiger
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  • Comments: I had a hard time categorizing this video, so I hope I made the right choices.....

    Anyway, Onyou no Yume, from what I understand loosly translates as Dreams of Cosmic dual forces, but I take it as Cosmos Dreams. This video starts out with Akari in the final race, then flashes back to her life at the University Satelite(??). Akari dreams of winning the title Cosmos Beauty, hence the title. I think someone who has seen the anime will take more from this vid than just the average viewer, but I do still think it is enjoyable...

    Just a few things to point out...

    In the second verse, at 1:31, I don't have bad timing. It is intentional. The lyric is "I used to go with the flow..." and I intentionally cut on the off beats, so no it's not becuase I have a bad sense of rhythm....^_^;

    At 2:30 there is a single frame of Lahrri's face. This originally happened by mistake. I just happened to cut the clip one frame to soon. Afterwards though, I decided to keep it becuase I like the way it looked. I think it helps to accent the beat a little more...

    Some of the faster scenes pixellate. I ran this through TMpeg 3 different times, and this is the best version I could get. The girls just move so fast that in the anime that its just ridiculus(??)...

    Editing time: 50+ hrs - I kept going back and starting completely over. I just couldn't be satisfied.....^_^

    I look foward to seeing some opinions. I'm curious as to how this video will be met. I have mixed feelings about it...

    Thanks go out to Devolution for the hosting...



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