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  • Member: Automatic
  • Studio: Eyewash Multimedia Studios
  • Title: Feeling Heavy Metal
  • Premiered: 2002-06-17
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  • Song:
    • Blur Song 2
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Footage from "Batman Returns"
    My 2nd video (1st live-action video), completed in about 2 days.

    EQUIPMENT: Dell Dimension 2100, Dazzle Digital Video Creator, dvd player.
    SOFTWARE: Dazzle DVC, Adobe Premiere 6.0, Ulead Video Studio 4.0 SE, TMPGEnc 2.54
    INSPIRATION: Batman is my favorite comic book hero, and - although the movies haven't done him justice - Returns is an adaptation I must admit I really like. (It's the Batman/Catwoman concept. I can't get enough of it ^_^

    Song 2 is great, despite the overuse.. I thought its rhetoric on being nervous and destructive and not a little insane seemed fitting a bunch of criminals and vigilantes that run around dressed as animals and expect people to take them seriously. (And of course the Blur gag at the end jumped up and bit me in the ass, and I knew it was meant to be.) The first verse follows Catwoman along her descent into madness, and the second follows Penguin and how he came to be and his plot for revenge and so on..

    Actually, this video came dangerously close to my recycle bin, but I stuck with it. Turned out to be tons o' fun. All in all, it's probably my favorite. And everyone seems to enjoy it, so.. Watch it. Love it. I'll peel the watermelon. Huzzaaah!

    Available for download at

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