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  • Member: PKGINGO
  • Title: You Ditched Me
  • Premiered: 2005-09-08
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    • Jan Wayne Love is a Soldier
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  • Comments: This video was inspired by my breakup with my ex-boyfriend. I finally got around to finishing it and wanted to share it. I owe alot of thanks to people for this video. Number one, to the Lake Area Furry Friend's and their constant listening to the song "Move your dead bones". If it wasn't for that song, I would not have gotten the album I head this song on. In fact, this song was VERY special for this occassion. Driving back after he dumped me, this was the first song that played (despite it being track 9 on the disc). I INSTANTLY felt a connection to this song. It was so perfect in so many ways. How I wanted to go back to him, how I wanted to go back in time, to make things different. I became obsessed for a short while, and well I'll always have feelings for him, even if he is an ass hole. He's done some things after the fact that he should not have. Oh well. Anyway, I got to talking about this song with some friends from ACEN and my friend Tanya suggested I do a video to the song with Gravitation. Being I love Shuichi, and seeing how badly Yuki hurt him throughout the series, but Shuichi kept tryng to come back (exactly like me), I figured it would be appropriate. My friend Katie lent me the DVDs and I ripped it and encoded it. Finally, after envisioning it for a while, I have completed it. Will I show it at ACEN? Possibly, I don't know. Regardless, just bear in mind this was inspired by a very traumatic breakup to me. I also want to express my gratitude to my current mate, Alex. He's been such a wonderful White Tiger to me, and without him, I'm not sure if I would have been able to make it through the tough time I really had. Thank you hon... *Kiss*. The scenes expressed could never do the feelings and emotions I felt justice, but the song, thats perfect. So please, enjoy the video.

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