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  • Member: NightPunisher
  • Title: Present for Bakemono
  • Premiered: 2005-08-28
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    • Disturbed Remember
    • Therion Muspelheim
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  • Comments: Hehehe...vampires, action and blood...if you like this video ! ^_^'

    I didn't want to place this one. It's not serious. Here is just non-stop action and nothing else. The idea..there is no any idea. Just an action about vampires. ^_^
    This AMV was created as a birthday present. One of my friends, Bakemono, had a birthday so I decided to make this one special for him. ^_^
    Video is based on vampire anime ... but ... there is a little part in the end that contains footage from Trigun ... I made this part, because Bakemono is fond of Trigun. ^__^
    I don't like this AMV, but all my friends says that it's a damn good action... hehe ^_^'

    PS And once again....sorry for my English. ^_^'

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