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  • Member: NPC3000
  • Studio: Spaceboat Studios
  • Title: A Surrealistic Video That Will Become Your World
  • Premiered: 2002-06-14
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    • Robyn Miller Myst Theme
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  • Comments: I'd just recently finished watching Noir. I was hoping to use the anime in a number of videos because:

    1. it's a serious anime which, in my opinion, offers more possibilities

    2. There are not overly many Noir videos

    3. It one of my favorite anime series! ^_^

    I was working on another Noir video before I got started on this project, but it was becoming too hard, too much improvisation involved. So I decided to do something different for little while and I got started on this video which took me two days to finish.

    I don't remember exactly how I came up with this idea but to some extent, it must have something to do with the way Noir reminded me of years back when I played the game MYST.

    Noir which is an often low-key anime has a kind of ancient-mysteries feeling that I thought MYST sort of paralleled.

    I tried to capture that feeling in a creepy little trailer using the MYST theme song, all instrumentals.

    In the trailer, I tried to underline the major details, past incidents, characters, objects, symbols and especially locations without giving even half an idea as to what they really are.

    Like MYST, the trailer is coated in mystery. I wouldn't exactly call it a parody (though the disturbing MYST-like choice of title font that I accidently (or subconsciously ^_^) chose would suggest that) because it's intended specifically to be a trailer to Noir, not a MYST allusion, though I must admit, the title is.

    Hopefully it'll get more people to watch Noir because it's an anime that I think deserves a bigger audience.

    So download it, turn out the lights, fullscreen it, sit back and watch...

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