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  • Member: V37
  • Studio: V37 Studios
  • Title: Why should I stick around?
  • Premiered: 2004-05-30
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    • Hed P.E. Get Away
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  • Comments: Vegeta is theme of this AMV. It's about, as the title says, his disliking of certain situations or people during the sagas. He wonders, why he should stick around. Maybe that theme doesn't really show up for you, that's why I wanted to mention it here. With that knowledge, watch it again and I promise you will be able to see it ^_^

    A very special and good thing about this Video is that I switched to Adobe Premiere 6.0 for it and use nothing else ever since. With Premiere, I could finally realise what I really wanted to do. I couldn't have done this with Ulead Media Studio, which I used before btw, in my opinion.

    Timing is very good, even though the song isn't a time song - it has some scenes where it's timed like hell, but usually it's a very lyric based, average timed music video - exactly what I wanted it to be.

    Use of effects: No effects besides some over blending ones of course. I don't think this MVid could have used any more's just not the song for that. You'll see scenes in that Music Video that you've surely never seen before in one. I used all of my DBZ DVDs for editing this Mvid (and I own all ROFL), I tried to use the never used scenes and not those scenes which everybody knows already.

    Another interesting fact about thie video is, that the video has some emotional parts. Parts at which I get a feeling I get when I watched DBZ sometimes. Seen the "There's one thing a saiyan always keeps - his pride!!!" scene in DBZ, Babidi Saga? That's exactly what I mean, I get a special feeling when I watch this MVid, just like while watching these special scenes in DBZ. Dunno if you know what I mean, just watch it and you'll see.......eventually :P

    If you could leave an opinion, you'd make me happy ^_^

    Thanks for watching, V37

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