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  • Member: KingDavid
  • Title: Emotional Collision - The Hope Of The Future
  • Premiered: 2005-09-02
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    • Skillet Collide
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  • Comments: Lol well sorry about that, a little off by the date of the premiere by a few hours but I got it here anyway! And that's all that matters. Anyways here's the real presentation.

    It's finally here, the actual music video to the famous trailer "The Hope Of The Future." From the first trailer to the remastered one. I worked on this from the second I finished the trailer, since I know I had a deadline to follow. The whole meaning of this video is for a good Trunks music video since I have very few of them. Or none at all actually unless you count Trunks and Vegeta. I tried my best to try and match this to the famous vid by Master Gohan "For You" but not too much, didn't want to copy the whole thing exactly.

    I got down a few good effects on this one, tried my best to time it just right and make it look as though Trunks is truely the hero of the future. He's like another Goku, not wanting to face the death of people he never knew and his friends including Gohan. So in a way I made this like a Trunks version of For You.

    I compressed this as best as I could in AVI format and it looks pretty good so take a look, you won't be disappointed. I hope this captures you guys as much as I captured this video, and elaving opinions would really be appreciated and would show it. So enough of my rambling, time to watch what yo've been waiting for since my trailer. Enjoy people, more soon to come.

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