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  • Member: Hitori
  • Studio: Hitori Studios
  • Title: Memories of Eva
  • Premiered: 2002-06-14
  • Categories:
    • Drama
    • Fun
    • Serious
  • Song:
    • Sarah Brightman Memory
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Mid-Atlantic 2002, Anime Mid-Atlantic 2002 (2002-06-14)
    • Anime Expo Music Video Contest, Anime Expo Music Video Contest (2002-07-04)
    • Studio Project: PANDA Contest, Studio Project: PANDA Contest (2002-07-15)
    • Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (2002-08-09)
    • Senpai Productions contest, Senpai Productions contest (2002-08-15)
    • 2002 NDK6 Music Video Contest, 2002 NDK6 Music Video Contest (2002-09-20)
    • AWA Exposition Contest, AWA Exposition Contest (2002-09-27)
    • CSUN Anime AMV contest, CSUN Anime AMV contest (2002-11-30)
  • Comments: A video that eva fans will enjoy. I have not seen a lot of videos like this one. This is different from all the videos that I have seen. (I haven't seen a lot of videos, only about 30 or so....) A video that like no other.... Well, it has probably been done before but not in this way...

    You just have to see it.
    Not just see it but just watch it.
    Watch it with a lot of though.
    Feel the music and understand why.
    Why? Because there is meaning and the video will have no meaning if you don't watch it with an open mind. Open everything. Your eyes, ears, mind.... ^_^

    Why is it also fun? There are some scenes you will enjoy. Other than that, this is a nice video to watch. Watch out, you may need a box of kleenex for some scenes. (This may only effect those Die-Hardcore eva fans.) Be prepared, that's all I can say.

    Anime Mid-Atlantic 2 AMV Contest Result
    Was given a good review by the judges at the Con. For some reason, it was messing up their laptop for showing the videos... Weird but oh well. Some people seemed to like it.

    Anime Expo 2002 Music Video Contest Result
    Didn't make it to the final cut. The only thing to do next is watch a few vids in the finals and see what I can do for next years MVC. Good luck to everyone who made it! ^_~

    Nan Desu Kan 6 AMV Contest Result
    Wow!! O_O It made the final cut.. This video won an Asuka! It was well recieved by the audience. What else can I say? ^_^ I wasn't expecting it to do so well. Only thought it would have made it into the final cut and got a few votes or something. Winning this award is only a plus for me. Congrats to all those who made the final cut and won an Asuka.

    The Indirect link will take you to my website where you will be able to download it.
    Direct link = Massive Spamage of the files....

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