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  • Member: Kariudo
  • Title: Gungrave-Breaking Point
  • Premiered: 2005-09-01
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  • Song:
    • Foreigner Cold as Ice
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  • Comments: Finallly done!
    This is my first AMV and it took a lot of work; about 50 hours total.
    I suffered some data loss when I was almost done, so that set me back as well.
    Please ignore the editstudio watermark. I tried to remove it by using another program, but that's how I lost the data.
    The video is best viewed in the smaller screen on winamp, you can maximize, but you will find the video quite pixilated.
    It's short (3:15) but that's when you can't hear anything anymore.
    There are some spoilers:
    at around 1:01
    at 2:35 til the end *this is the only major spoiler, I took this from disk 5 so just look away or stop when you get here if it's that important to you.

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