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  • Member: KentaroPJJ
  • Title: Ganymede (Not Mars)
  • Premiered: 2003-06-08
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    • They Might be Giants Instanbul (Not Constantinople)
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  • Comments: This is one of my favorites. This is actually my...5th video ever. I could say this was my first attempt at lip syncing (on WMM, anyways), but thattid be a lie since my other one (Crazy Ed, which isn't on here yet) is.

    This was one I did for fun. I was currently listening to this song alot, so I say, hey...i'm going to make a video. I made it with Jet...cause he would be more funny.

    Jet actually lip syncs this WHOLE song (though it may not be THE BEST lip syncs you've ever seen, since it is WMM) Except these 4 or something like that parts where Spike, Faye, Ed, Ein, and that ISSP guy lip sync.

    Well I found it amusing, even if it is made by WMM, still check it out. It's pretty cool, or I could just be saying that cause I made it.

    This AMV is hosted by the wonderful DevolutionEX. (Thanks, man!)

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