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  • Members: bladezeroX, Mind Benda
  • Studio: Two Kings Studios
  • Title: Part 2 Girlfight's Reloaded Revolutions
  • Premiered: 2005-08-31
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    • SR-71 Goodbye
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  • Comments: I'm going to put it like this. Part 2 pissed me the fuck off, literally it pissed me off. I questioned why I even put this video, seriously why did I. I look back and this video dissappointed me so much. So after I finished Freedom's Impulses I decided to remake this. So I re-tweaked it and to be honest this to me is a lot better than the original.
    I'm just hoping that you all like it as much,cause I reworked the whole concept and more or less started from scratch, re-timed and re-edited the video. Also I tried to keep with the storyline concept, especially to those who like the concept. So hope you like it

    And Leave an Op. THX.

    And on a final note you might want to download the series or part 1. Because if not you might be lost with this one cause I tried to keep more to that premise. But either way this video follows part 1 and if you download that one you can more or less understand it.

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