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  • Member: KentaroPJJ
  • Title: Mushroom Fun Time
  • Premiered: 2002-09-02
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    • SADS Feeling High and Satisfied
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  • Comments: This AMV is my latest. It is, of course, an AMV of Session 17 "Mushroom Samba". Yes. It is.

    This music video, I consider very good. Not the best of my work, but. This is just basically the episode cut short and about how they all got high.

    Yes, this AMV was created with WMM. Err..yeah. It's decent, though!
    This idea came to me...cause I had been listening to the song...which is titled "Feeling High and Satisfied" ... and i thought of Mushroom Samba. I also did some lip synching. (WMM Lips Synching?!? What?) it is. Hope you enjoy!

    (This AMV is hosted by DevolutionEX. Thanks, man.) (It might be kinda slow)

    Opinions would be nice! Thanks!

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