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  • Member: shadow050
  • Title: Toy Ninjas
  • Premiered: 2005-08-30
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    • Eminem like toy soldiers
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  • Comments: Okay everyone... I have another rap video... i know they don't usually do too well and that people usually aren't too interested in them, but i think most people can really enjoy this video. I made it so the video follows the words pretty good. however if you do not like naruto and/or eminem please do not download the video as you prolly won't like it.... lol and will just ruin my ratings lol :-P

    I put a fair amount of thought and effort in this video... let me state now that THE SUBS IN THE VIDEO WERE INTENTIONALLY LEFT THERE.... even though i've made this video with windows media maker, i've found a way to get rid of subtittles, so believe me when i tell you i left them there on purpose.


    The characters in the video have roles of the people mentioned in the song. for you properly understand I'll tell you now (as i do at the end of the video) who each character is. and please don't be too insulted with some of the character roles... i'm hurt too as my fav character of the Naruto series, Hyuga Neji, plays the part of Benzino :(
    anyway here are the roles...
    Naruto -- Eminem
    Sasuke -- 50 Cent
    Kakashii -- Dr. Dre
    Neji -- Benzino
    Garaa -- Ja Rule
    Haku -- The Source Owner
    Zabuza -- Jermaine Dupri
    Sakura -- Haley
    Sandaime (The 3rd/Sarutobi-sensei) -- Jay-Z
    Orochimaru -- Nas
    (this isn't mentioned in the video, but i guess you can think of Rock Lee, Shikamaru, and Kiba as Llyodd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Yung Buck lol.)

    Please enjoy and leave comments and opinions :-D

    EDIT!!! Zabuza is supposed to be SHUG KNIGHT... It's come to my attention that Eminem was not talking about Jermaine Dupri in the song, but ratehr he was talking about Shug. sorry for the blunder :-\

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