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  • Member: KentaroPJJ
  • Title: Spikeman!
  • Premiered: 2002-06-11
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    • Theme 70s Batman Theme
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  • Comments: Wow. This is the first video I submitted onto .org...and It didn't have a link! XD. Anyways...Now to explain the video.

    This video was created with Windows Movie Maker (Shut up.) a while back when I hadn't mastered it yet and I believe I was low on space. This video may be untimed in a few places...But it is still...great in some parts. Why I like to do lip-syncing....On WMM even....I'll never know.

    This video literally took 30 minutes to an hour to make. I loved the idea so much...I went in a mad rage to get it done. This, folks, is what you get. Someday I'll go back and I'll redo it and it will be the best in the world!! (:P)

    Basically...this was supposed to be Spike as Batman and Jet as Robin. The intro voices seem to be misplaced. ^_^' I guess I am used to Jet lip sync. In the end you can see the idea. There's alot of Spike in here.

    Anyways...I enjoyed making it...and if you don't like's your loss (or something like that).

    You must also look at this potential and keep in mind that WMM was being a bad dog to me when I was making it (the red dragon syndicate guy lip sync).

    And if I knew how to do masking and all that junk...I'd do so much to this video that it would make you cry. (I will find out...One day. I WILL FIND OUT!! ::Jinnai laugh::)

    This video has been hosted by the ever so wonderful...well...his AIM name is "Melezov".
    Anyways...Thanks, man!

    Please enjoy...and if possible...Please leave an opinion! Thanks!!


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