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  • Member: Aneino_Kaijin
  • Title: Chemical_X
  • Premiered: 2002-06-10
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    • Bush Chemicals Between Us
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  • Comments: X, as my favorite anime movie of all time, gets a lot of my attention :-) This video was less a story-theme-type than just an exercise in timing and showing the connections between the characters. It was a LOT of fun to make, and so far reception has been good, although I personally am not that pleased with a lot of it. Sorry about the lack of effects, but my program bums out on transitions after the first one. :-(

    For all the X afficionados, can you pick out which character didn\'t even get a cameo in
    the video? ;-)

    I know most of you will complain about too much transperencies, but I think in most places they work. Especially the one I used over the touching death scene *death scene? In X? Nooooo*

    The quality somehow got messy between creation and export, and I hope to fix that soon. Its not terrible, but if watched on full screen it looks a bit pixelated. If I can't get the quality fixed, then I at least hope to have a smaller download size soon. :-)
    The blood running down shot is the one I would do over if I ever get around to re-doing these. :-)

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