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  • Member: Aneino_Kaijin
  • Studio: Doroganno Meiun
  • Title: Undercurrents
  • Premiered: 2002-07-08
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  • Song:
    • U2 She Moves In Mysterious Ways
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  • Comments: ***CRY***
    I almost had the second version of this done, one with a lot of the problems of the first, except the quality and format, fixed. But a virus got in, and almost all of my avi files were wiped out. So the project is officially on hold until Iget the determination time and will to look through 26 epistodes *AGAIN* and hope to find the right clips.

    For some reason I can't change the links in this file at the moment.

    Hee hee hee

    Irreverent Escaflowne video set to U2's "Mysterious Ways." Any serious fans of the show who cannot imagine a little fun being poked shouldn't probably try this one. Although, it did come out a lot more serious than I had expected.

    THEME: Van says he doesn't need a woman to watch out for him. Do any of us believe him? Not I. Despite how different they are, they both save each other a number of ways. But almost everything Van does, its with Hitome in mind, or in reaction to something she says or does, so anyway, I hope that explains the title.

    Note that most of Hitome's clips run at a normal or even slow speed while many of Van's are sped up. That's an attempt to accent the difference, but not sure it worked.

    Also, the instrumental in the middle... you know how she HATES him fighting. She's just letting him know good and clear. ;-)

    Again, this will be an exercise in timing for me. And I'm actually trying some lip synch this time! Not a lot, but enough. (And Renee, yes. Hitome does say "on your knees, boy" but it is NOT sick, I swear. The woman demands respect. :-) And digital effects, I guess that's the transparencies and the few fades, which all flicker at the end!! (anyone else ever have that problem?) I tried to get past it by putting clips next to one another that have the character in roughly the same position. But since neither was a point I worked on, I didn't put them in

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