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  • Member: teknoboy
  • Studio: Blackjack Studios
  • Title: Anger, Insanity, and Ambition
  • Premiered: 2002-06-11
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    • Static-X Black & White
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  • Comments: Well its finally here, the first video under my new Studio name (Kawaii Studios). Its my 9th in total ever made, i used to be NUN (no useful name) productions, but i got tired of that name. Also college work took away my editing time so now that summer is here i have more time :)..

    NOW available for a LIMITED time.

    Well now i bet you are wondering what song and aniume its to, but i guess not cause it tells you in the search dialog, but i'll tell you anyway :)...

    Street Fighter Alpha
    Serial Experiments Lain
    Apocalypse Zero
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Lodoss War OAV
    Ayashi no Ceres

    It took me forever to make this video not because it was hard to do, it was, but because i had a lot of video to watch and capture. I ended up with 14.8 gigs of storage used up by footage (WOW that's a lot of space!!!!). I spent like 2 weeks straight just watch anime to but into this video, not all of it made it in, but hey at least i spent my time watching anime.

    I used Adobe Premiere 6 to edit the footage (its the best thing in the world once you get used to it), and Adobe Photoshop 6 for images. To capture the footage i used Dazzle 80* w/ MGI Videowave 4, for such a cheap capture device the footage looks amazing :). I reccommend this card to those who are in college and as broke as i am :).

    This video means a lot to me. Its a new step for me to take im video editing(making). Im used to sappy love stuff, funny stuff, or dramatic stuff. This jumps into the realm of insanity, death, and destruction. I have to thank Carlos Corral for the inspiration for his "Death uncut" video and all his others, they kick so much ass. Also thank William Milberry of Aluminum Studios because i think i've seen all his released videos and i love them.

    Also i want to thank my friends Matt (slander80) and Steve (GaiDaigoji1982) for their support, steve - also thanks for helping with the title, and pushing me to make this interesting video. Lets hear it for Dark ELves!!!!!!!!!!!!(Steve screams in Warhammer). Also thanks to my friend Stephen from college who helped me with creating the logo for my my new studio.

    I know this video isn't perfect and it would be awesome if you could provide criticism when i release it to the public. Not only does it help me improve it also gives the view(you) a chance to help me out :). I appreciate even the most scrutinizing criticism :).

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