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  • Member: Sierra Lorna
  • Studio: Premonition Studios
  • Title: Trouble
  • Premiered: 2005-08-28
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  • Song:
    • Pink Trouble
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  • Comments: My 16th Completed Video
    Programs used: Adobe Premiere 6, Photoshop

    This is a fun character profile about Haruno Sakura. My original plan was to create a video that showed her two sides: her more gentle, caring side, and her more aggressive, "Inner Sakura" side. But when I was looking around for two songs that would work for this idea, I found that the gentle side of Sakura would make a really boring video (I was planning something simple and fluffy-sounding like Hilary Duff) and decided to stick with the fun side of Sakura after I found the perfect song to portray that side of her: Pink's "Trouble". It proved to be a really fun idea and song to work with, and it took me a month to make, which is pretty much ridiculously short for me. ;)

    No attorneys to plead my case
    No orbits to send me into outer space
    And my fingers are bejeweled
    With diamonds and gold
    But that ain't gonna help me now

    I'm trouble, yeah, trouble now
    I'm trouble, ya'll, I disturb my town
    I'm trouble, yeah, trouble now
    I'm trouble, ya'll, I got trouble in my town

    You think you’re right, but you were wrong
    You tried to take me, but I knew all along
    You can take me for a ride
    I'm not a fool now, so you better run and hide

    Technical stuff:
    Format: .avi
    Video Codec: XviD (DivX compatible)
    Audio Codec: Lame mp3
    Resolution: 512 x 384
    Duration: 3:31
    File Size: 69.3 MB

    Enjoy. ^_^

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