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  • Member: AJSharp
  • Title: Tuxedo Agent
  • Premiered: 2003-09-08
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    • Johnny Rivers Secret Agent Man
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  • Comments: The idea for this came to me back in 2003, after some friends and I spent a night watching Austin Powers and Sailor Moon (with beer). The idea seemed good, and I managed to plan it all out in my head the same night. The next morning was spent ripping DVD's, and the afternoon spent putting it all together. It came out quite well, the few people who saw it liked it and I planned to submit it for Ayacon 2003 a few months later. I forgot, and it languished on my hard drive until Amecon 2004, when it finally was shown to an audience. It was recieved quite well, which surprised me given it was my first amv, and how quickly I'd made it.

    Unfortunatly, due to a hard disc failure I've lost the original high quality version of the file, and so I've had to upload a test version I did that somehow ended up on a different drive. The version here is quite watchable, but theres some interlacing that wasn't in the original. :

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