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  • Member: BMXRIDERSI
  • Studio: RSD productions
  • Title: The Cries Inside
  • Premiered: 2002-06-07
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  • Song:
    • Fuel Hemmorage (in my hands)
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my trunks special music video. I had this video in my mind for quite some time, and I carefully planned out exactly how I wanted it to look and sound. I succeeded in making this video the way I had day dreamed about for many weeks. Before I started to make this video I was very sketchy with premiere, but thanks to a few people on the AIM, I was able to get the help I needed to use premiere properly.

    When I got the footage for, some reason it would not load into premiere 6.0 so I asked Xenodrake for some help. That is when he introduced me to the virtual dub. I was then allowed to take out all the corrupt parts in the footage and make it usable for premiere. Then I had to convert to MPEG so it would be easier to work with because for some reason the avi that VD exported was kinda slow performing, if ya know what I mean, and it was hard to make good timing on the premiere.

    After setting up everything the way I wanted, I added in some basic effects, nothing too fancy or I thought it would pull the viewer away from the real meaning of the video. I exported the file in 1500 kbps DIVX file and the made two different MPEG conversions. I made one that was on the setting in Ermacís Guide to making good MPEG encodes with TMPGEnc. Which is VBR at 2000 kbps. The other version was a plain VideoCD (ntsc) setting with bit rate of 1500 kbps CBR. I also configured it to work with C/G animation.
    Of course it encoded at the slowest speed of the best quality. I always do.

    The main purpose of this video was to bring back the feeling of what it was to like to watch the movie, to watch gohan and the others die, to see the pain and suffering, and the super sayain that emerged from it all. It shows trunksís tries of becoming a super sayain, but failed and in the end, he becomes one. It shows the immense pain he is going threw seeing all those innocent people and his friends die.

    I hope you enjoy it =)


    1150 kbps CBR MPEG, 41.9 MB (the one on the direct link)

    2000 kbps VBR MPEG, 65.7 MB (instant message me for this)
    1500 kbps Divx format, 82.5 MB (instant message me for this)



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