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  • Member: KingDavid
  • Title: The Hope Of The Future II Trailer
  • Premiered: 2005-08-22
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    • Terminator 3 Trailer Audio T3 trailer theme
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  • Comments: And here you guys are, the first part of my installment to one of my newer AMV's. This here is a much more better, higher quality, remastered trailer of the first "The Hope Of The Future." Only now with different audio and footage, widescreen at that too. I tried my best to capture this as a realistic trailer, to every detail as I possibly can down to the text. Speaking of that there's a slight error with the text I can't manage to fix up, so I hope that doesn't bother any of you all.

    But unlike the first trailer not having an AMV to back it up, this one actually does. This is a trailer of my upcoming new vid, and the date of the premiere is actually in the trailer itself. So be sure to keep the date in mind; write it down in paper, put it in your PDA, calender, all over your walls, whatever. I'll be trying my best to suit the video as good or even better than the trailer. So until then, enjoy this little appetizer.

    ~ K.David a.k.a kAzAmA GoTeN

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