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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Iron Chef - Ready, Steady, Go
  • Premiered: 2005-08-21
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  • Song:
    • Paul Oakenfold Ready, Steady, Go
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  • Comments: Some time ago LCY invited me to an iron chef again which should've been made against Nostromo_vx, zest and himself to a dance song. I loved the idea, esp. of French and German forces colliding :D
    We set the date for this weekend. Originally LCY even wanted to do an 48 hour ironchef, I disagreed. He set it to 36 hours then and it seemed we all were fine with it. In the meanwhile, Decoy, Dark-Krystal and Kwaichang joined the group.
    Since LCY was coodrinating himself, he had a pretty good idea for choosing songs: Everyone could choose a song of their choice (shorter than 2:30) and give it to the other participants before the editing day. On the editing day before starting everyone could vote for a song except his own one.
    Deciding went over very quickly because we all went for LCY's choice. Not the best song ever, but at least it went over without complications :p
    Unfortunately Nostromo_vx had to drop out at Thursday due to personal reasons.

    We started editing around 20:00 CET. It went along pretty smoothly and the song worked way better for editing than I thought. I chose Battle Athletes Victory as anime because I slightly smelled a concept with the Ready-Steady-Go lyrics in the song. But the displays in the anime go On your mark - Ready - Go and look very blunt, so I did my own ones. Some Photoshop-layering and compositing in Vegas went into them and despite some motion they came out well.
    I used 5 events of BAV in this video which would be the training race Akari vs Ichino, the swimming part of the triathlon, some weird ball-fight, the running part from the triathlon and the final relay race against tomoe. All of these are pretty chronological, but too hard to follow due to fast synching :| The relay race might be followable though. Synching and effects went over pretty well, couldn't complain.
    I slept a bit over the day at Saturday after editing a straight night and finishing half of the timeline. Editing went on a bit slower then, mostly because I had some time to finish off the rest - that's what I thought. Shortly after finishing the timeline on Sunday 2:00 (am) I fell asleep accidentely - and woke up again at 7:00 (am). Since the finish was set for 10:00, I had to skip any finetuning and export right away. That's why the video might look a bit rough in places.

    Still, I'm pretty statisfied how it turned out :)

    Programs used:
    Sony Vegas 6 for all of the editing and noise-particle generation
    Adobe Photoshop 7 for the Ready-Steady-Go displays
    Particle Illusion 3 for the zooming bars particle

    Hope you enjoy it.

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