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  • Member: Guardian4
  • Title: Fly To A Dream
  • Premiered: 2005-08-19
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    • Nightwish Dark Chest of Wonders
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  • Comments: Okay, so...I suck. I've been *meaning* to do this video for over three months now and I just haven't gotten around to it. When I thought it up, I didn't have the SuperS season on DVD, so I couldn't do it then. And when I did have it, it wasn't that I lost interest, but that something else always came up and I didn't get to it. So, in the midst of making another Shadow Hearts/Shadow Hearts: Covenant music video, I put it aside to start this one.

    Premiere decided to be an ass, worse than usual, on that SH/SH:C timeline, it hates it for some ungodly reason, so I was prepared going in to this timeline would be hell. And I was right...and I was wrong. It exported just perfectly fine as you please, which SH/SH:C *refused* to do at anything other than the slowest crawl imaginable (try just 10 seconds of a transparency and it's so slow, it'll take it over an hour), but the actual editing it decided it didn't like me. Technically speaking, making this music video took more effort than it should have because Premiere woke up on the *wrong* side of the computer and made my life hell for the five or more hours it took to do a 5:00 minute song.

    The lip syncing in the beginning as the song started wasn't difficult to match, but finding the right shot of Chibiusa was the hard part. I just *couldn't* find something that I liked. I wanted it somewhat after Chibiusa had her dream of Pegasus, but didn't want it too far past nor do it in battle or something. So I chose her talking with Usagi just before the Amazon Trio's first attack on Unazaki.

    Song-wise, I don't think I could find a better song for the SuperS season to do a tribute to. I could argue that it's a tribute to the storyline of the season or that it's a Chibiusa-Chibiusa/Helios music video, but the season is so intertwined with the two subjects that if you say it's a tribute to the SuperS season, you're saying it's about Chibiusa and Helios. And if you're saying it's about Chibiusa and Helios, it's about the story in the SuperS season. Since the fact that dreams and dream mirrors played such a huge part in that season, I struck gold with this song, as it's talking about dreams. And since she's singing mostly through herself as a child, being that Chibiusa is also a child, another perfect there.

    Enough ranting. Enjoy.

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