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  • Member: Froilan
  • Title: Behind these eyes (Excellent quality version)
  • Premiered: 2005-08-19
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    • Kelly Clarkson Behind These Hazel Eyes
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    Okay, so this is my Behind these hazel eyes video (a better quality version of my old one)
    It was energy sucking, and friggin´ irritating to do, but here it is, and I´m kinda happy with the results. Yeah, the ending is a bit off from the rest of the video, and that´s because I got all lasy in the end, and also didn´t wanted to overdo the whole thing.
    But still, I like it, and it is really one of my best works this far.

    It´s telling Yuna´s story, without getting all sobby.. those sobby stories of mine is getting kinda boring.

    Anyway, I wont write a book, I have a longer description (is that how´s it spelled? hmm..) on my profile. If anyone´s interested, go take a look ;D

    Happy downloading!

    Update :::

    YEES, I knoow that Yuna´s eyes aren´t hazel! I couldn´t find any song saying: "Behind these blue/green eyes", sad, but true.. sorry everyone, you´ll just have to put up with it ;D Tihi

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